May 10, 2011

Knickerbocker Holiday

Track List

1. Introduction I Washington Irving Song
2. Clickety-Clack
3. Entrance of the Council
4. Hush Hush
5. There's Nowhere to Go but Up!
6. It Never Was You
7. Bachelor's Song
8. How Can You Tell an American?
9. Will You Remember Me?
10. One Touch of Alchemy
11. The One Indispensible Man
12. Young People Think About Love
13. September Song
14. Act One Finale
15. Ballad of the Robbers
16. Sitting in Jail
17 We Are Cut in Twain
18 There's Nowhere to Go but Up! (Reprise)
19 To War!
20 Our Ancient
21 May and January
22 The Scars
23 Dirge For a Soldier
24 No, Ve Vouldn't Gonto Do It
25 How Can You Tell an American? (Finale / Reprise)

A great version using the original orchestrations many of which provide a link to the earlier "Johnny Johnson". "How Can You Tell An American?" has been very badly served in previous recordings and it is nice to have the full version. A must for Weill fans.